An Expansive Country Garden

Looking across one of the new garden beds to the pond and distant hills

The new beds on either side of this space are visible from both the upper and lower levels of the house. A duo of crab apples anchor the outer corners of the beds, and an informal meadow style planting, with a fusion of grasses and perennials, provides a tapestry of color and texture.

Further out the lawn is being left as a meadow, to be mown annually. This contributes another layer of different texture and creates a naturalized boundary for the garden.

This expansive property, with large lawns and existing plantings along the house, has always had a marvelous view across the large pond to the mountains behind.  A few years back the owners wanted to expand the gardens so that they would be readily seen from the lower and upper levels of both the south and east sides of the house.

To the south side of the house it was important to make the most of a existing low-lying space. So new curved beds on either side were created to define and partially enclose the space. Furthermore the sense of enclosure was accentuated by means of a subtle grade-change and a new stone wall along the east side.

View from the upper deck

The outer portions of the lawn are now left as a naturalized meadow to be mown annually